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This is my website about German Military History which has a focus on World War Two History and my American-German(Deutsch) Heritage from when my family served in the Two World Wars on the ‘other’ side. We are proud Americans with a German past. Proud of the Fatherland- Deutschland!

While this is my endeavor, I do have other researchers who form my team. They are educated in military history and/or German history. They supply me with additional research and photos. We are from the United States and from Germany.  In the future, we would like to expand into a larger purpose such as a museum or research foundation. 

Hans Wilhelm B. von Richter, Founder and Admin. 4-1

Hans-Wilhelm von Richter is the Founder and Admin of the Historical Society of German Military History. He has been a historian with over thirty-five years of studying World War Two History including ten plus on German history. He created the German Historical Society of Military History to collect all areas of German History and Military History in one website for Americans and English speaking individuals of German Heritage not living in the Fatherland. He noticed over time that one had to go to many places to collect all the history on just the Third Reich and World War Two. He wanted this centered in one area in which it could turn into more than a website, but possibly research institute and/or a museum.

He has been a historian since he was 5 years old reading books on all types of history starting with World War 2 History. He was an avid reader of history, geography, the world, and many types of books at an early age. He noticed then his interest was of the world which was mostly non-fiction. In his youth, the studies wrapped around ancient history with an emphasis on the Egyptology and the Roman Empire. The grandeur and power involved in these societies which also included the mysteries, the gods, and the architecture captivated his imagination and interest. As he progressed as a normal adolescent, his interest in books waned so he decided in his teens teaching history was not something he wanted to do as a career or study in college. After his twenties and still reading World War Two history during those times, he wanted to focus on one type of history- His German Family History. Coming from a broken family and one who would not speak of the past or the war years, he decided to find answers for himself. He then began to see how his ancestors served in World War One and World War Two. Never as National Socialists, but as hard working Germans who loved the country they were born and lived in! He then decided to honor these citizens and soldats of the past by creating a page on Facebook called the Historical Society of German Military History. Over time due to restrictions on what parts of history could be used plus not being able to collect everything in the one place, the historicalsocietyofgermanmilitaryhistory.com was created.

Hans-Wilhelm is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He still resides in Wisconsin with his son. He is an avid collector of German WW1 and WW2 artifacts including American, British, and Russian ones from the war.

Rachel Kate Muller, Ph.D.


Rachel Kate Muller, Ph.D. is a major contributor to the website by submitting research and writing on many areas of the website. She is a professor of history with a lifelong interest in German history with her German-American family history.


The main purpose is for enjoyment of History and Educational purposes Only. 


If you would like to become a contributor of the website/society in the form of photos and/or writing then you can write us at Admin@historicalsocietyofgermanmilitaryhistory.com. We currently do not keep full-time staff nor pay for contributions besides giving you honors on the website for your hard work. 


After My Main Purpose, This Website Honors All German Soldiers. – “No Matter What has been Done in the Past or Present, We Honor the German Soldier with His Sacrifice and Dedication to Fatherland!”
Nach Mein Hauptzweck, Diese Website Ehrungen Alle Deutschen Soldaten. – “Egal, was in der Vergangenheit oder Gegenwart getan wurde, wir ehren den deutschen Soldaten mit seinem Opfer und seiner Hingabe an das Vaterland!”

Disclaimer-In no way does this website support Racism, Hate, Propaganda, or the National Socialist / Neo-Nazi Views. It does honor hard-working, loyal German Citizens that served their country, not the government of that time. While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information on the website, no liability is accepted for any consequences of using it. We use material from many sources and confirm the accuracy of the sources.


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  1. Dear Admin , thank you for your site. I found a lot of interesting information . I am Russian , but I am very interested in the military history of Germany. Once again, thank you for your hard work .

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