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400th Page Added to Website!!

By HWB von Richter, Chancellor of the Society

Today the 400th page has been added to the website!!

It has taken much time, work, and devotion to complete this task! This is a  celebration of history, photography, honoring the fallen soldat, and the Fatherland of Germany! The road has been enjoyable.

While working on the website, I knew it was over 300 pages deep of photos and information. But once it came close to 400, I decided to mark it with a post here to celebrate. The wonderful thing about it: the website is sooo incomplete yet. Much more to go so on to the 500 page!!

Remember the website is always growing. Currently there are 26,444 images and photos on the website! It will continue so please enjoy the history and photos!



Museum for the HSOGMH – Donate!

Raising Money to build a Museum for the Sacrifices of the German Soldaten (Soldiers)  and German Volk (People).

Historical Society of German Military History was created to assemble all the areas of German Military History and German History in one place for German-Americans, Deutschen (Germans), and for others who enjoy German History. Both my Great-Grandfathers served in the German Heer (Army) so I originally created the society for German-Americans with ties to the Fatherland. 

Help Us Raise Money for the Museum and other Endeavors involving German History.

Historical Society of German Military History – Historische Gesellschaft der Deutschen Militärgeschichte 

The main purpose is for enjoyment of History and Educational purposes Only. 

If you have questions or concerns, you can write us at:

Disclaimer-In no way does the Society/Website support Racism, Hate, Propaganda, or the National Socialist / Neo-Nazi Views. It does honor hard-working, loyal German Citizens that served their country, not the government of that time. While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information on the website, no liability is accepted for any consequences of using it. We use material from many sources and confirm the accuracy of the sources.


Website Sign Up and Log In


Hello Members,

To the members of the website and members of the society. The website has been changed when it comes to Registering/Sign Up and Log In. These are now both on separate pages with simplified boxes for easier understanding.

There still is a two layered log-in screen for security purposes.

We were having issues with members joining and not receiving temporary passwords via email. This now has been simplified.

Hopefully everyone continues to enjoy history and this website.


HWB von Richter, Admin