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Registration to become a Free Member of the Website

Many are not following directions when signing up to the website. You will be sent an email warning and given 7 days. The account will be deleted by the system if nothing is not done.

Directions for First Time Users:

  1. Create a screen name, password, and enter your email address.
  2. Please enter a first and last name Or Something Appropriate.
  4. Add a picture/photo/ avatar. It does not have to be you, but something appropriate. You will find the option at the top right of your computer screen after you log in. 
  5. We NEVER give your Email or Personal Information to Others or Third Parties.

Disclaimer-In no way does this website support Racism, Hate, Propaganda, or the National Socialist / Neo-Nazi Views. It does honor hard-working, loyal German Citizens that served their country, not the government of that time. While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information on the website, no liability is accepted for any consequences of using it. We use material from many sources and confirm the accuracy of the sources.

Phone Browsing of the Main Website

Hello All,

If you are trying to use your phone to browse the website, We do not suggest this. You will get a very limited view of the website.

You will be able to see the 12 Main tabs and the current news only. This is our current feedback from others.

You will Miss Out on the Other 198 Pages the website features on Battles, Collections, Figures, Vehicles,Museums, and much more!

We are ever adding and expanding things here so there will be more pages and such  in the future!

Thank you,

B. von Richter




Main Features:

There are 2 Major Sections to the Website. The Main Tabs at the Top of the Page and the Side Tabs on the Right Side of the Page.



1. THE LOGO – If you Click on this anytime, It will bring you to the main page.
2. HISTORICAL OF SOCIETY OF GERMAN MILITARY HISTORY – tab will take you to the page that talks about our disclaimer.
3. ABOUT US – tab will take you to the page that talks about us.
4. CONTACT US – This is for anyone to contact the Administrator with questions or issues.
5. SUBSCRIBERS – This is how people become members so they can comment on pictures and use the chat rooms. Follow the Directions on the page.
6. SUBCRIBER CHAT ROOM – This is for members to be able to chat with each other about history. IN THE FUTURE, we will add more chat rooms on different subjects plus requests for such we will consider from members.
7. RULES – We have certain rules for members. This is must read since we do not allow any negativity.
8. HELP AND INFORMATION – is an area you can check for questions you have.
9. FOR SALE: is for members looking to sell their collectables or models, guns, medals, etc.
10. ONLINE STORE – this is not currently available, but we are looking into this for the future.
11. DONATIONS- If you wish to donate to our research or the costs, we always welcome it.



1. SEARCH BAR – you can enter a keyword then do a search on the site. If we do not have it then contact us as long as it pertains to German History.
2. RECENT POSTS- any news we recently posted.
3. RECENT COMMENTS – Is any recent comments by members or Admin.
4. PAGES – Are what used to be Albums on Facebook. We broke them down from Battles to Panzers, Vehicles, People, and kinds of things. There will be more. There are currently 175 Pages of them!! JUST CLICK ON THE PICTURES TO SEE THEM ONE AT A TIME!!
5. CATEGORIES – This is just a section breaking our different news stories.
6. LINK TO THE FACEBOOK PAGE – Simple no more to explain.
7. SUBSCIBE TO THE BLOG – This is so you can get updates in your email.
8. ARCHIVES – this is our former news stories broken down per month.
9. CALENDAR – this is the former news stories broken down per day.


Remember the Website is Done, but it is at the point we stopped after Facebook threatened us. So there are 1000’s of pictures to go and so much more for us to add to this. We are Never Done Updating!!!!

I hope you enjoy this and subscribe.

Thank you,

B. von Richter, Admin.