Orders of Battle – Heer Divisions

Flag of a German Infantry 1936-1945.

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78. Infanterie-Division

  1. Infanterie-Division, later the 78th Sturm (Assault) Division, was a German infantry formation which fought during World War II.


131. Infanterie-Division

The 131st Infantry Division (German: 131. Infanteriedivision) was a German Heer infantry division in World War II.


The German 212th Infantry Division was raised in August 1939 and remained on garrison duty in Germany until March 1941, when it spent three months as a coastal defense unit along the English Channel. In November 1941 it was transferred to the Eastern Front where it joined Army Group North near Leningrad and along the Volkhov Front. It continued with Army Group North until the summer of 1944, when it had been pushed back to Lithuania and was transferred to the control of Army Group Center. The division was destroyed there in August or September, and the survivors were immediately reconstituted as the 578th Volksgrenadier Division, which was renamed as 212th Volksgrenadier Division almost as soon as it had been formed.


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