Armored Champion


Armored Champion: The Top Tanks of World War II

By Steven J. Zaloga

Armor expert Zaloga enters the battle over the best tanks of World War II with this heavy-caliber blast of a book armed with more than forty years of research.

  • Provocative but fact-based rankings of the tanks that fought the Second World War
  • Breaks the war into eight periods and declares Tanker’s Choice and Commander’s Choice for each
  • Champions include the German Panzer IV and Tiger, Soviet T-34, American Pershing, and a few surprises
  • Compares tanks’ firepower, armor protection, and mobility as well as dependability, affordability, tactics, training, and overall combat performance
  • Relies on extensive documentation from archives, government studies, and published sources–much of which has never been published in English before
  • Supported by dozens of charts and diagrams and hundreds of photos