Update 12-29-2017 : New Pictures Added to the Website

New Pictures have been added to the Website:


  • Battle of Norway
  • Eastern Front
  • Siegfried Line – Westwall
  • Orders of Battle – Heer Divisions
  • German WW2 Medical Korps – Der Sanitatsdienst
  • Tiger 1
  • Panzer I
  • Panzer II
  • Sd.Kfz. 3-4, 6-9, 11, 222, 231-232, 234, 247, 252-254, 261, & 265
  • Luftwaffe 1935-1946
  • Messerschmitt Bf 109
  • Horten Ho 229
  • World War 2 Field Marshalls
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  • World War 2 Generals – P thru U
  • General Heinz Guderian
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  • Kriegsmarine Officers – U-Boat Commanders
  • December 44 Historical Museum – La Gleize, Belgium
  • Kingdom of Prussia
  • Kaiser (Emperor) Wilhelm II
  • Historic Figures of the German Empire
  • World War 1 – The Great War
  • Berlin Wall
  • Deutsche Marine – German Navy
  • Historic Figures in Modern German History
  • Fuhrer Adolf Hitler
  • Third Reich Flags and Symbols 1933-1945
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  • Munich
  • Ships of the Imperial German High Seas Fleet
  • Conrad Schumann




Update 12-18-2017 : New Pictures Added to the Website

New Pictures have been added to the Website:

  • Battle of Norway
  • Battle of France 1940
  • German Heer – Army
  • German WW2 Medical Korps – Der Sanitatsdienst
  • Tiger 2 – Konigstiger, Bengal Tiger, King Tiger, Royal Tiger
  • Tiger 1
  • Panzer II
  • Luftwaffe Divisions and Groups
  • Messerschmitt Bf 109
  • Focke-Wulf Fw 190
  • Luftwaffe Varied Plane Types
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  • Kriegsmarine Ships
  • U-Boats of the Kreigsmarine
  • Luftwaffe Field Marshalls
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  • WW2 Allies – Romania
  • WW2 Allies – Bulgaria
  • WW2 Allies – Independent State of Croatia
  • WW2 Allies – Slovak Republic 1939–45
  • WW2 Allies – Empire of Japan
  • December 44 Historical Museum – La Gleize, Belgium
  • Other Museums, Artifacts, and Vehicles
  • Kingdom of Prussia
  • Weimar Republic 1919-1933
  • Fuhrer Adolf Hitler
  • Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler
  • Reich Minister Albert Speer
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  • Military Ceremonies and Rallies of the Third Reich
  • German Life Under the Third Reich

New Pages have been added to the Website:

  • Kriegsmarine Ships
  • Third Reich Information
  • Reichsmarine
  • Wolfpack
  • Oberkommando der Marine – Naval High Command




Stop E-BAY from Censoring of Books and German World War II Collectibles


Hello All,

Recently we started selling items on E-bay that have been donated to the society. Unfortunately we found out quickly that items featuring swastikas, SS runes, or anything featuring Third Reich insignia on German Heer (Army), Kriegsmarine (Navy), and Luftwaffe (Airforce) items will not be allowed for selling or purchase. E-Bay states items of Hate are not allowed. The final line crossed was when E-Bay banned a book featuring historic photos between German and Soviet Armies in World War II. So we are starting this petition due to their current and lax policies. 

Many people enjoy history and in this enjoyment they collect items of history to learn, display, or just to collect. This is a fascination shared by many. Holding a piece of history is something many enjoy. On the flip side, this does not make these people Nazi’s, white supremacists, hated filled, or anti-semetic. Many of us had relatives that served in the wars of German History. This is to honor hard working, loyal citizens who served their country no matter the faults and evil’s of the government that had mislead them.

E-Bay used to allow the selling and purchase of such items then stopped due to complaints. Once again business is influenced by people who think we should all march the same line and be under another’s control for the supposed greater good. The market is awash with these items especially as the veterans leave the earth and pass the goods on to relatives who do not connect with history. Stores, antique dealers, flea markets, but one place is not allowed – E-Bay.

Another part of E-Bay’s polices is the lax control of the marketplace. You will find some items then others get banned or removed before the listing ends. E-Bay is being biased based on ‘ they can only control so much of millions on items’. Either be clear one way or the other.

The final line is BOOK BANNING. E-Bay listened to these complaints and banned Nazi Items. But books that do not support National Socialism directly are banned?

Here is the book that was banned: Images of War Series, Final Days of the Reich. This book features World War II photographs between the German and Soviet Armies. No support of Nazism in it.

Please support this petition. Once again Freedom is affected.

Thank you/Danke,


Ps. A note to E-Bay. If you are going to Ban Books. Is this not the same thing as burning books by the Nazi’s in the 1930’s? People cannot have FREEDOM to choose what they want to read AND make an opinion of there own based on what they read? CENSORSHIP. E-Bay and Nazism seem no Different.


Unfair Petition Started on Change.org – A MUST READ


Hello all,

This petition has irked myself and the society for some time. This petition made the news in the BBC so this is originally why it caught our attention. Basically the petitioner is stating the toys in the above picture are harmful to children. He states they represent the Waffen-SS and National Socialism. The BBC in their article also skewed the facts about the Iron Cross based on what the petitioner wrote( We already wrote the BBC). The petition is directed against Lego and Amazon to remove the toys from purchase. Many of the toys have been removed at this point.

This company which makes Lego styled figures also makes Allied figures. So basically you will have good versus bad taking on each other in a children’s mind. There are no Swastika’s/ SS Runes on any of these Lego figures which represent Nazi Germany. There is no support of National Socialism with these figures. We do understand that the figures could worry some parents so we are not insensitive to this. I think the parents (whom make the purchases) would decide if they want their children playing with such items. Instead this person wants to force his point of view on all parents. Does he not understand many toys are made representing Wehrmacht figures, vehicles, etc? Some of the figures do look like Heer (Army) figures in which there should be no issue.

Here is a sample of the petition that is unacceptable:

As you can easily see, these figures look similar to the original LEGO figures to deceive, but show National Socialist symbols such as the imperial eagle, the Iron Cross and the skulls on the collar. ‘ 

  1. Imperial Eagle. He is referring to the Third Reich’s Reichsadler on the uniforms. By stating the ‘Imperial Eagle’, he is basically throwing in all of German History from the Holy Roman Empire to the Modern German Republic. Most people would think Imperial Germany under the Kaiser. This is a stain on the honorable Kaiser and his many loyal german volk.
  2. The Iron Cross. This is some kind of ignorance here. There is no swastika in the pictures of the Iron Cross. The Third Reich Iron Crosses has swastika’s in the middle of them. He is taking all the Iron Crosses from the early 1800’s to modern Germany under this accusation. Currently the Bundeswehr (German Military) uses the Iron Cross as the emblem of the military on all the vehicles.
  3. Skulls on the collar. This is another fabrication. There are none from what we have seen. It was not in best taste to feature Lego figures dressed in all black, but most historians will notice the Reichsadler on these figures is on the front of the uniform. The SS only featured them on their left arm.

So these figures must be censored due to one person’s opinion. Let’s discuss this person. He is a member of the left-wing scene and a registered Communist. So in our current weak, opinions get hurt easily society one person of less than desirable background will limit what you can buy, collect, etc.

We ask you to support this since we are going to petition Change.org against this petition for the lies presented and Amazon.com for worrying about one person’s lying opinion.

But here are the reasons we are against this:

  1. The lies stated in the petition.
  2. The lie in the BBC article.
  3. Left-Wing Communist’s petition.
  4. Amazon listening to one person.
  5. Limiting everyone from purchasing what they would enjoy.
  6. Once again the veterans  of Germany from World War II are being bashed.

Thank you/Danke,


Here is the link to the petition:


Here is a link to the BBC Article:


Here is the content in the petition:

Stop National Socialist Toys at Amazon


Dear ladies and gentlemen of the companies LEGO and AMAZON,

With an appeal to your responsibility towards children, I would like to address you in this open letter, hoping to be open-minded.
In search of LEGO characters on Amazon, I came across something that is extremely urgent to you, because it offers other LEGO-style figures that are compatible with the original LEGO figures, but which have officers, soldiers, etc. of the Waffen-SS and thus play down the National Socialism.
This figure is an example for many others:
https://www.amazon.de/Wehrmacht-Soldat-Heinz-MG-Sch-% ktze-Prime-Line/dp/B016Z372VK/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1512506831&sr = 8-5 & keywords = wehrmacht + lego

As you can easily see, these figures look similar to the original LEGO figures to deceive, but show National Socialist symbols such as the imperial eagle, the Iron Cross and the skulls on the collar.
In addition, the manufacturers of these figures often use the name LEGO in their product description or claim to use original LEGO parts.
These figures represent one of the most inhumane regimes in world history and by playing with them children accept these uniforms, weapons, etc. as normal, which is an unacceptable influence on the children. In addition, such figures pose a great threat to the reputation of the companies LEGO and AMAZON.

For this reason, I urge you to take action against the manufacturers of such characters, if possible legally, and also to make Amazon aware of this case, because any decent citizen can only be a horrible idea that such figures are soon under the Christmas tree could fall into the hands of children.

————————————————– ————————————————– ——-
Dear Ladies and Gentleman,

I write this very important letter.
Searching for LEGO figures on the German Amazon website, I found many examples of LEGO typed and compatible figures from other companies depicting German National Socialism Officers, Soldiers, etc.
Here is one figure, which stands as an example for many others:


As you can see, these figures look like the Nazi Eagle and skulls. In addition to that, LEGO parts are often used in their product description.
Depicting one of the most unhuman regimes in world history, these figures represent the most opposite to the values. LEGO stood for. Throughout playing with these figures, children accepting the depicted uniforms, weapons, etc. as normal and with that comes to extremely dangerous. After all, these figures are a threat to the good name of LEGO and AMAZON.

Therefore, I sincerely ask you to take action against children and to consider legally acting steps against the producers of these figures.

This petition wants to be delivered to:

  • Amazon
  • Lego

Update 12-6-2017 : New Pictures Added to the Website

New Pictures have been added to the Website:

  • World War II
  • Invasion of Poland
  • Battle of France – 1940
  • Italian Front
  • Other World War 2 Battles/ Major Events
  • German Heer – Army
  • Orders of Battle – Gebirgsjäger – Mountain Troops plus Ski Division – Skijäger-Division
  • Tiger 2 – Konigstiger, Bengal Tiger, King Tiger, Royal Tiger
  • Vehicle or Non-Hand Held Weapons
  • Luftwaffe Divisions and Groups
  • Messerschmitt Bf 109
  • Junkers Ju 87 Stuka Dive Bomber
  • Focke-Wulf Fw 190
  • U-Boats of the Kreigsmarine
  • Kriegsmarine Officers – U-Boat Commanders
  • WW2 Allies – Finland
  • WW2 Allies – Kingdom of Hungary
  • Benito Mussolini
  • Other Museums, Artifacts, and Vehicles
  • Memorials & Grave Sites
  • Iron Cross
  • Heroes of the German Resistance & July 20 1944 Coup Attempt
  • Military Forces of East Germany
  • Leopard 2 – Modern Main Battle Tank
  • Bundeswehr Officers from the Wehrmacht
  • Fuhrer Adolf Hitler
  • People Close to Adolf Hitler in Minor Roles
  • Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler
  • Leading Figures of Nazi Germany – A thru L
  • Leading Figures of Nazi Germany – M thru Z
  • SS – Schutzstaffel
  • SS Officers, NCOs, and Men – A thru K
  • Third Reich War Industry

New Pages have been added to the Website:

  • Blitzkrieg
  • Hindenburg Line



Did Reinhard Heydrich aspire to replace Hitler?


The death of “Butcher of Prague” Reinhard Heydrich – one of the most feared men in the Third Reich – meant the Nazis lost a key organizer of terror. Was he an ideological zealot or careerist aiming to be leader one day?

He was described by Adolf Hitler as “the Man with the Iron Heart.” Other names attributed to him include “the Butcher,” “the Hangman” and “Himmler’s Evil Genius.”

Given such epithets, it stands to reason that Reinhard Heydrich’s record is one of reprehensible brutality.

Heydrich, who led the Nazi Protection Squadron, or SS, and the Gestapo, also sent the telegraph giving the orders that precipitated 1938’s Kristallnacht pogrom against Jews in Germany.

As the lead planner of Hitler’s Final Solution, Heydrich chaired the Wannsee Conference – where details about the murder of millions of Jews across Nazi-occupied Europe was debated and toasted with cognac.

Heydrich was also regarded by some as a potential future leader of the Third Reich.

By the time of the assassination attack against Heydrich in May 1942, he was regional governor of the Nazis’ Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia – today’s Czech Republic. He died 75 years ago on June 4, 1942.

Broken engagement

Only 11 years earlier, Heydrich had been dismissed from the navy for unbefitting conduct after breaking a marriage engagement. It had been a meteoric rise, as historian Robert Gerwarth points out in his book “Hitler’s Hangman: The Life of Heydrich.”

“His life is quite unusual – his career trajectory is quite unusual in the sense that he’s a late Nazi,” Gerwarth told DW.
“Most of the people who had comparable careers in the Third Reich were followers of Hitler from the early 1920s onwards,” he said. “In his case, it’s a relatively late conversion to Nazism.”

The largely apolitical Heydrich had broken his engagement after meeting his wife-to-be, Lina von Osten, a Nazi Party follower for some time. It was she who convinced him to apply to join the SS.

Heydrich’s rapid ascent was partly based on chance, a meeting with Heinrich Himmler, who was setting up a counterintelligence division of the service.

“The two men had what you might call complementary talents,” said Gerwarth, a professor of modern history at University College Dublin’s Centre for War Studies. “Himmler was very good at building networks, which was quintessential in Nazi Germany, and Heydrich was a talented organizer.

“The two managed to rise through the ranks so that by the mid-1930s, 1936 to be precise, Himmler controls the entire police in Germany, including the political police, and Heydrich is basically his No. 2.”

Heydrich impressed Himmler from the beginning and the two ascended the ladder together.
Convert or careerist?

Some historians have assumed that Heydrich was a careerist, but Gerwarth thinks not. Instead, he described Heydrich’s radicalism as that of an extremely ambitious late convert.

“I think that by the mid-1930s he is actually quite committed to the cause and he is a very devout follower of both Himmler and Hitler,” Gerwarth said. “They recognize that, and they advance his career steadily over time.”

Heydrich’s newly found political zeal saw him drive much of the anti-Jewish policy in the Third Reich. As well as his role in Kristallnacht, he oversaw the Einsatzgruppen, which murdered intellectuals and clergy in Czechoslovakia and Poland, which at the time were both occupied by the Nazis, then he moved on to Jews and Roma.

“By 1941 it’s become quite clear that Heydrich is the one driving anti-Jewish policies,” Gerwarth said. “He controls not only the political police organizations but also is twice entrusted by Hermann Goering as the kind of intermediary between him and Hitler to find and implement a Final Solution.

“The thing is of course that, in 1942, when he dies, most of the Jews who will die in the Holocaust are still alive,” Gerwarth said, adding that, although Heydrich was a central figure, “even without him the Holocaust continued to unfold.”

The attack went wrong at first, and Heydrich tried to kill one of his assassins.
A prime target

The attack that would ultimately lead to his death was instigated by Czech intelligence with support from Britain’s Special Operations Executive. It gained approval from Czechoslovakia’s government-in-exile and planning began well in advance.

After two aborted attempts, the attack that killed Heydrich took place on May 27, 1942. Slovak Jozef Gabcik and Czech Jan Kubis – who had been flown to Czechoslovakia the previous December carried it out.

Heydrich was on his daily commute from home. The pair hoped to kill their target at a curve in the road and Gabcik stepped in front of the vehicle with his submachine gun. It jammed, and Heydrich ordered the car to stop, pointing a handgun at his would-be assailant.

Horrific reprisals

It was here that Kubis threw a grenade that fatally injured Heydrich, who did not die until a week later. The Nazi leadership was outraged by what had happened.

“This is a very serious blow, and both Hitler and Himmler were very angry and shocked,” Gerwarth said. “It showed a vulnerability that they didn’t want, but also they’re losing one of the most important organizers of terror. It was a huge blow.”

“The underground movement, the resistance in Bohemia and Moravia, was not informed about this at all,” Gerwarth said. “They only found out by chance just before the assassination, and were horrified because they knew the ramifications would be terrible.”

Indeed, the consequences were horrific for the village of Lidice, which was falsely linked to the assassination. Of its residents, 199 men were killed and 195 women sent to Ravensbrück concentration camp. A further 81 children died in gas vans.

The men and women of another village, Lezaky, were also murdered.

The assassination itself has also been retold in several movies. The 75th anniversary itself seems to have created some interest with one film – “Anthropoid” – released less than a year ago and another – “HHhH,” also titled “The Man With The Iron Heart” – slated for release later this month.

Visions of power?

Whether Heydrich had visions of ever becoming leader of the Third Reich is open to speculation.

In his book “Fatherland,” Robert Harris penned a vision of a world where Heydrich survives into the 1960s and is seen as the likely successor to Hitler. It deals with Heydrich’s imagined Machiavellian attempts to cover up the fate of murdered European Jews.
Amazon’s series “The Man in the High Castle,” loosely based on a book of the same name by Philip K. Dick, envisions a world where the Nazi Reich occupies much of the United States, and where Heydrich is vying to replace an ailing Hitler.

Gerwarth, though, said he harbors some doubt that was ever in Heydrich’s plan.

“It’s uncertain exactly what he aspired to. He didn’t really like to be a public figure, and he found that part of the job difficult in Prague,” Gerwarth said. “He’s not really someone for big public speeches. He’s someone who operates in the shadows, so I think his career objective would have been to succeed Himmler, which is a more realistic scenario.”