December 1 in German History

December 1, 1724

Birth of Karl Theodor, the Wittelsbach Elector (Holy Roman Empire) of the Palatinate. On December 30, 1777, the Bavarian line of the Wittelsbach family ceased and the succession went to Karl Theodor. The Palatinate was thus united with Bavaria. In reaction to the new size and troublesome strength of Bavaria, Austria laid claim to a number of the territories. In a complex series of intrigues, this led to the War of the Bavarian Succession which involved Austria, Bavaria, the Palatinate, and Prussia.

December 1, 1932

Kurt von Schleicher becomes chancellor of the Weimar Republic. Schleicher was one of the early political leaders of the Weimar Republic. He became chancellor of the republic on December 1, 1932. He opposed the Nazis as they gained political strength. In January of 1933, Schleicher was replaced in the office of chancellor by Adolf Hitler. On June 30, 1934, he was executed by the SS.