26 November – Today in German History

The Heinkel 177. The German long-range bomber was under development for most of the war because of a demanding technical specification, including the capacity to dive-bomb. By the time the issues had been resolved Germany was unable to build them in numbers.


  • Eastern Front Truce SignedThe new Russian revolutionary government abandons all war efforts in WWI. A truce will be signed on December 15.


  • Troopship Rohna Sunk – Over 1000 US troops Lost – The worst troopship disaster to befall the U.S. happened on the 26 November 1943 when German planes made a concerted attack on a military convoy in the Mediterranean. A force of 30 He-177 planes, the much delayed German long-range bomber, released 60 glider bombs at the ships but only succeeded in making one strike.