10 December – Today in German History


  • Erwin Rommel was awarded the Pour le Mérite.


  • Paul Wenneker was released from Dutch internment even though he had officially been released in Jan 1918.


  • Soviet 7th Army, while attacking Finnish defense fortifications, received flanking fire from coastal batteries on the island of Saarenpää; in response, Soviet battleship Oktjabrskaja Revolutsija bombarded the island but failed to hit the batteries due to heavy fog. In the Gulf of Finland and the Gulf of Bothnia, Soviet submarines sank three ships going in and out of Finnish ports; two of them actually flew German flags.


  • Georg von Bismarck was named the commanding officer of the 20th Rifle Brigade.
  • A shell fired randomly across the English Channel from one of Germany’s massive 280mm rail guns fell within a few feet of the British 13.5in Peacemaker rail gun at Martin Mill, England, the United Kingdom severely damaging one of its bogies and mortally wounding one of the Royal Marine gunners.


  • German spy Karel Richter was executed at Wandsworth Prison in Britain.
  • Soviet troops encircled three German divisions at Livny, south of Moscow, Russia.
  • German submarine U-130 attacked Allied convoy SC-57 200 miles southwest of Ireland just before midnight at the end of the day, sinking British transport Kurdistan, British transport Kirnwood, and Egyptian transport Star of Luxor.


  • Adolf Hitler arrived at the Adlerhorst headquarters in Wetterau, Germany.