14 March – Today in German History


  • Adolf Hitler told a crowd of 300,000 that Germany’s only judge is God and itself.


  • The Nazis dissolve the republic of Czechoslovakia.
Reconnaissance aerial of the twin railway viaducts at Schildesche, Bielefeld, following the successful daylight attack by the RAF on 14 March 1945. Five arches of the viaducts collapsed after 22,000lb Grand Slam and 12,000lb Tallboy deep penetration bombs were dropped in the target area. Numerous craters from previous attempts to demolish the structure can be seen covering the floor of the Johannisbach Valley.


  • In Germany, a 22,000 pound Grand Slam bomb was dropped by the Royal Air Force Dumbuster Squad on the Beilefeld railway viaduct. It was the heaviest bomb used during World War II.


  • Moscow announces that 890,532 German POWs were held in the U.S.S.R.