5 February in German History


The world’s first airline, die Deutsche Luftreederie, later known as Lufthansa, takes off from Berlin to Weimar, Germany, 13 weeks after signing of the Armistice.


Death of Hermann J. Abs (1901-1994) in Bad Soden, Germany. Abs was a banker who played a substantial role in the “Economic Miracle” of the 50’s in Germany. He had been with the Deutsche Bank in Berlin. In 1948 he was appointed to the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau, distributing money from the Marshall Plan. He was head of the German team which negotiated at the London debt conference in 1951-1953. When the Deutsche Bank was re-established in Frankfurt in 1957, Abs rejoined it and became the chair of the Aufsichtsrat in 1959.



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