6 February – Today in German History


  • Birth of Eva Braun, 1912-1945,  in Munich, Germany. Braun was the companion, and in the end, the wife of Adolf Hitler. She met Hitler originally on business, in that she worked in the studio of Hitler’s photographer. Braun and Hitler were married on April 29, 1945, and committed suicide the next day.


  • Just three days after U.S. President Woodrow Wilson’s speech of February 3, 1917, in which he broke diplomatic relations with Germany and warned that war would follow if American interests at sea were again assaulted. A German u-boat torpedoes and sinks the Anchor Line passenger steamer California off the Irish coast.


  • Adolf Hitler opened the Fourth Winter Olympics in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.


  • Erich Honecker becomes a member of the Politburo in East Germany (DDR).

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