Aces Of The Luftwaffe

Charts the most dramatic campaigns of the Luftwaffe and the amazing feats of some of its highest-scoring aces.

by Peter Jacobs

The fighter pilots of Nazi Germany’s Luftwaffe regularly outscored their Allied counterparts and were some of the highest scoring fighter pilots of all time. In the end, the vast effort required by the Luftwaffe to maintain the air war on so many fronts proved too much, and few of the pilots survived—but their courage and ability was beyond question, and the names of many will live on in the annals of air warfare.

Luftwaffe Fighter Aces charts the campaigns fought by this remarkable force—and the exploits of such aces as Erich Hartmann, the highest scoring fighter pilot of all time, Hans-Joachim Marseille, the Star of Africa, Werner Mölders, the first recipient of the Diamonds, and Adolf Galland, perhaps the most famous of all.


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