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Otto Kumm – Quote of the Day


This is the story of the divisional commanders of the Waffen-SS, a part of the German Wehrmacht. These nearly one million soldiers have been defamed in an unimaginable way since the end of World War II and this continues today.

Service in the Waffen-SS and its heroic combats on many fronts was and is according to the Federal Republic of Germany, not valued as military service. We ask our almost 300,000 men killed in action served as, if not as soldiers. We fought for Germany. Germany is our country and from it, we ask nothing more than justice.

Many commanders came from our youth, having not seen World War 1 or had been just children at the time. By the end of the Second World War, they had to bear the highest responsibilities for the men of their commands while still only in their 30s.

I hope this book will aid in correcting the distorted image of the brave soldiers of the Waffen-SS that has existed since the end of the war.

Otto Kumm, SS-Brigadefuhrer a. D. (außer Dienst / Retired) 

From the Book: Waffen-SS Commanders – The Army, Corps, and Divisional Leaders of a Legend

by Mark C. Yeager