Former Wehrmacht Officers Serving in the National Peoples Army / Ehemalige Wehrmachtsoffiziere in der Nationalen Volksarmee

This page features former Third Reich officers and personnel that served in the National Peoples Army after its creation in 1956.

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Wilhelm Adam

Wilhelm Adam, 28. March 1893 – 24. November 1978 in Dresden, was a German politician and officer of the Prussian army, the German army, the SA ( SA sergeant ), the Reichswehr, the Wehrmacht (last Colonel ), the Kasernierten People’s Police (KVP). and most recently Major General of the NVA at the NVA School Dresden. Following the German surrender after the Battle of Stalingrad, he became a member of the National Committee for a Free Germany. Adam later served in the National People’s Army of East Germany.

Rudolf Bamler

Rudolf Karl Johannes Bamler (May 6, 1896 in Osterburg (Altmark) , † March 13, 1972 in Groß Glienicke , Kreis Nauen ) was a German army officer since 1943 Lieutenant General . In the First World War, he served as an officer in the Prussian army , then in the Reichswehr and the Wehrmacht .

During the Second World War Bamler acted as Chief of the General Staff at various General Commands . From June 1944, he commanded the 12th Infantry Division . After being defeated in the same month in the course of Operation Bagration , he fell into Soviet captivity . There Bamler joined the National Committee Free Germany (NKFD) and the League of German Officers (BDO).

Bamler was released after his captivity in April 1950 in the German Democratic Republic (GDR). In the Kasernierte People’s Police (CIP), Bamler rose to the rank of Major General . His release took place in connection with the popular uprising of June 17, 1953 . From 1956, Bamler worked for the Ministry of National Defense (MfNV) as a freelance researcher and later on unconfirmed information for the Ministry of State Security (MfS). Bamler gained notoriety from the early 1960s as a publicist of the Association of Former Officers (EO). In addition, Bamler served with Walter Freytag , Otto Korfes , Arno von Lenski , Vincenz Mueller , Karl Hans Walther and Hans Wulz which were six other former generals of the Wehrmacht in the KVP and the later National People’s Army (NVA).

Vincenz Müller

Vincenz Müller (5 November 1894, Aichach, Upper Bavaria – 12 May 1961) was a military officer and general who served in the German army, the Army of Nazi Germany, and after the war in the National People’s Army of the (East) German Democratic Republic, where he was also a politician.



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