V-2 rocket on Meillerwagen.

The Meillerwagen (English: Meiller Vehicle) was a German World War II trailer used to transport a V-2 rocket from the ‘trans-loading point’ of the Technical Troop Area to the ‘launching point’, to erect the missile on the Brennstand (English: firing stand), and to act as the service gantry for fueling and launch preparation.

The unofficial ‘Meillerwagen’ name was often used in official documents and refers to a parts supplier for the trailer, Meiller-Kipper GmbH of Munich, Germany (founded 1850). The Army Research Center Peenemünde designed the Meillerwagen, and the Gollnow & Son company assembled the Meillerwagen from supplied components. The Meillerwagen was assembled with Italian and Russian prisoner laborers of the Lager Rebstock. The Meillerwagen was vehicle code number 102 of several vehicles in a V-2 launching battery, which included an 8 ton launch control vehicle. Launching of V-2s from mobile equipment was studied under code name Regenwurm (“Earthworm”) to replace bunkers such as at the Watten bunker.

V-2 rocket located at the Australian War Memorial Treloar Centre Annex including a complete Meillerwagen transporter.

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