Cap Blanc-Nez/Cap Gris nez – Pas de Calais, France / Cap Blanc-Nez / Cap Gris nez – Pas de Calais, Frankreich

This location lies north of Wissant in the direction of Sangatte. When you have reached the top of the hill, park your car on the new made parking place in 2009. From here walk to the top of Blanc-Nez, Stp. 109 Dusseldorf or go to Wn 109a Altona on the north side of the top.

Following the path you will engage a bunker 621 with a viewing point on top of it. Walk to the top with the big needle on it and there you can see 3x “Vf Peilstand” just stacked on each other. Down hill at the sea side, lies an emplacement for a Freya radar. On the slope more inland you see some Flak 2cm emplacements.

At the inland side close to the top, you will pass two 622 bunkers with also some barrack remains. Down the slope there is a “Schnabelstand” and also barrack remains visible. In the slope back to the main road there was/is a 630 bunker situated, but not visible anymore. Around the place there are also other small items to be found.

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