Historical Items

The Historical Society and Website is looking for donations of historical items from German History which can include other nations involved in the World Wars of History

We will preserve and restore (if needed) for future generations to enjoy the items of history. They will be placed in specials cases depending upon the size of the item to display to the public at a later date.
We are looking for mainly German items of military use, but are open to any historical items.
You will be given credit and depending upon the value of the items and you can become an Iron Cross Member of the website. You can remain anonymous if you wish.

Please Contact the Society via our Contact Us Page or at Admin@historicalsocietyofgermanmilitaryhistory.com


We are not here to value your items or help with their authenticity. This is strictly for donations of items only. We will value them once donated if you wish to become a donating member. Contacting us for other reasons will result in your emails being listed as spam. 


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