History Lesson to Help Stupidity

By HWB von Richter, Chancellor of the Society

History Lesson to Help Stupidity: We are going to give people who lack any understanding of history or think they have an understand of history on this Page, Website, and Historical Society’s Mission. 
People come here in support of Nazism and Racism, state the ‘Nazi’ army, think we support Nazism, and think every German Soldat is a Nazi due to the emblem or awards on his uniform.

Most of the German Wehrmacht and German Volk were not Nazis. 7.85% of the population were registered National Socialists at the height of the party. If you were a Teacher, Lawyer, Doctor, you had to register to continue your occupation. This does not include the other occupations also. With this in thinking, this will cut down the amount of true Nazis. Then you have people who want to advance, are worried about power, or want prominence. This reduces the number. I’m not going to give numbers I cannot provide so lets stick with 8% then go back to 1933. 

In 1933 Elections, Hitler and the National Socialists had polled over 11 million votes but was still behind Hindenburg. The second and final round took place on 10 April: Hitler (36.8% 13,418,547) lost out to Paul von Hindenburg (53.0% 19,359,983) whilst KPD candidate Thälmann gained a meagre percentage of the vote (10.2% 3,706,759). Now the Nazi lovers are going to come along and state that the 8% is not correct. It must be 36-37%. This is not accurate due to more ignorance of history. The German state is still in the Great Depression as is also the world. Hitler made many promises and did act on them which rose Germany from the chaos of this. As a politician, we give him credit. So many parts of the population want a better Germany as in the 36%. Hitler of course only gained 2nd most votes so in time (after political maneuvering) became Chancellor (2nd in power) to Hinderburg being number one in power. Then of course when Hindenburg passed from the earth, Hitler illegally seized power by also taking the office of President thus making himself Fuhrer. That is another story for another day.

Many conservative Nationalists voted for Hitler. Being only Nationalists, no they were not Nazis. They believed in the support of the country and having it grow strong again. Hitler and his group was a means to the end. Unfortunately they did not see how much power Hitler was to gain and the consequences of the future with the extermination camps. Many highly doubt that most would have not voted for Hitler with hindsight.

Nationalism is a love and support of your country. Socialism is a political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole. Of course Socialism sounds like Communism, but it is not. It is a step towards it if nations make the mistake. Socialism is about your basic needs being met and provided to by the government/people. Gas, Water, Electricity, Healthcare provided at low cost to no cost to the people. National Socialism in Hitler’s form provides these elements.

National Socialism in the purest form was perverted by Hitler and his elite. Nazism is a characterized as a form of fascism that incorporates scientific racism and antisemitism. Nazism subscribed to theories of racial hierarchy and Social Darwinism, identifying the Germans as a part of what the Nazis regarded as an Aryan or Nordic master race. It aimed to overcome social divisions and create a German homogeneous society based on racial purity which represented a people’s community. So both words together are forever linked  to the regime.  Before this, both words could be used together to promote love of the country and providing services to the people.

National Socialism is dead. Yes there are Facists, Nazis, Neo-Nazis, Far Right who still think that it will make a comeback. This is impossible. Due to German culture and the guilt due to the ‘brown-shirted’ regime, this is dead in Germany. Due to the lessons of the Holocaust and World War Two, it is dead around the world. No one will support it in any form of a majority.

Neo-Nazism is an even more perverted form of National Socialism. ‘New’ National Socialism is a bunch of racists and bigots coming under one banner of Nazism thinking they are the new movement. They try to use the National Socialists of Germany (1923-1945) as their beacon and thing they most look up to. I hate to let them know that Nazi Germany had every color, race, religion serving in the Wehrmacht (please do not correct me, yes there were Jews in the armed forces, a small minority). The SS added what was called Divisions of the SS. This is non-aryan/partial Germanic divisions of the SS to fight in World War Two. Does everyone think that they would exterminate the other races on the planet after the war was won? More stupidity from a class of people who are on the level of gutter rats.

So back to the ‘Nazi’ army. Yes the Wehrmacht was created under the Third Reich and the National Socialist regime. The armed forces were not allowed to be registered Nazis. While some generals supported Nazism also including parts of the rank and file, most were good men who served their country in a time of need. Even ones who signed up for the Waffen-SS (military formations of the SS) were also good men. They were card carrying Nazi’s and prescribed to the virtues of the Nazi Party, but also good Germans who believed in the country and the German Volk. Does that make all SS men and Wehrmacht personnel good men in our opinions? No. There were formations under order who committed war time massacres which did come from superiors with evil or warped intentions. But for the overall German majority in the all the armed forces, most served with discipline, honor, distinction and the will to see the German Fatherland great again.

So for the ‘Nazi’ army or the website and historic society supporting Nazism, please take yourself to some obscure place or corner of the internet to enjoy your fantasies and stupidity. This was the armed forces of the Third Reich in which we honor the German man and woman who served the Fatherland.

After My Main Purpose, This Website Honors All German Soldiers. – “No Matter What has been Done in the Past or Present, We Honor the German Soldier with His Sacrifice and Dedication to Fatherland!”

Nach Mein Hauptzweck, Diese Website Ehrungen Alle Deutschen Soldaten. – “Egal, was in der Vergangenheit oder Gegenwart getan wurde, wir ehren den deutschen Soldaten mit seinem Opfer und seiner Hingabe an das Vaterland!”


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