Historical Society of German Military History

 German Military History is the main focus of the Historical Society and the Website with an emphasis on World War Two History which includes other areas of German History with present-day facts.


The Historical Society & Website was created by an American-German with heritage from when his family served as German Officers in the World Wars.  He is very proud of the Fatherland- Deutschland! 

While this is his endeavor, he does have other researchers who form his team. They are educated in military history and/or German history. They supply him with additional research and photos. We are from the United States and from Germany.  Currently, we have the website and the Historical Society in which we want to expand into a larger purpose such as a museum or research foundation. We also have multiple social media accounts with our first and original account on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & Pinterest. 

The main purpose of the website for the general public is for the enjoyment of History and Educational Purposes Only. 

We do obtain the information here from many sources, German veterans, contributors, and some areas of the website will be basic information obtained from sources on the internet. All sources of information are verified before the release to the public. Source information will not be listed due to the vast amount of sources that are used including the sensitive nature of direct accounts from German veterans. If something is not correct or in error then please contact us.

We keep current totals of images/pictures and pages on the website. We are proud of the scale of work being done here. 

Current Totals

Pages on the Website: 508
Photos and Images: 22,630

  • The Historical Society has main goals besides the stated purpose of the website: 
    • This is for the honoring of the Deutsche Soldaten who gave his life for the Fatherland.
    • The Enjoyment and Education of German History.
    • The largest library of photos and images in the world with information to go with them. 
    • The removal of burden and guilt on the German Volk (People) due to the World Wars with emphasis on restoring German National Pride!
    • Recognition of all veterans of the Waffen-SS as Soldaten who served Germany and their military service to the Fatherland. 
    • Restoration of the German Reich.
    • Removal of the Allied War Convictions of German Veterans from the False Courts of Countries who committed numerous war crimes during World War II including the untold number of crimes committed during their countries histories which in turn gives them no jurisdiction nor substance in creating International Law. German Courts and German Law should have been used once these courts have been reestablished under the Federal Republic of Germany. These Allied courts amounted to nothing more than ‘Revenge’ and ‘Victors Justice.’
Die Historische Gesellschaft hat neben dem erklärten Zweck der Website Hauptziele:
  • Dies ist zur Ehre der Deutschen Soldaten, die sein Leben für das Vaterland gegeben haben.
  • Der Genuss und die Bildung der deutschen Geschichte.
  • Die größte Bibliothek von Fotos und Bildern der Welt mit Informationen dazu.
  • Die Beseitigung der Last und der Schuld auf das deutsche Volk aufgrund der Weltkriege mit dem Schwerpunkt der Wiederherstellung des deutschen Nationalstolzes!
  • Anerkennung aller Veteranen der Waffen-SS als Soldaten, die Deutschland und ihrem Wehrdienst ins Vaterland gedient haben.
  • Wiederherstellung des Deutschen Reiches.
  • Aufhebung der alliierten Kriegsverurteilungen deutscher Veteranen vor den falschen Gerichten von Ländern, die während des Zweiten Weltkriegs zahlreiche Kriegsverbrechen begangen haben, einschließlich der unermesslichen Anzahl von Verbrechen, die während der Geschichte ihres Landes begangen wurden. Deutsche Gerichte und deutsches Recht hätten angewendet werden müssen, wenn diese Gerichte unter der Bundesrepublik Deutschland wiederhergestellt worden wären. Diese alliierten Gerichte waren nichts weiter als “Rache” und “Siegerjustiz”.


The Historical Society Honors All German Soldiers. – ” No Matter What has been Done in the Past or Present, We Honor the German Soldier with His Sacrifice and Dedication to Fatherland! “
Die historische Gesellschaft ehrt alle deutschen Soldaten. – ‘Egal, was in der Vergangenheit oder Gegenwart getan wurde, wir ehren den deutschen Soldaten mit seinem Opfer und Hingabe an das Vaterland!’

We will state that this is a very controversial subject we have taken on with the German Military due to the actions of the Nazis and the Third Reich. We know very well the stain they placed on the German Wehrmacht (Armed Forces), the German Volk (People), and the Waffen-SS with the death camps and the Holocaust.  We do recognize the crimes committed during the Holocaust by the National Socialist regime. 
We do state the Waffen-SS since this was an elite guard unit which was converted to the Waffen-SS and should never have been placed in this position since many good German men served and did their duty for the Fatherland. We do not honor SS men from the SS-Totenkopfverbände (Concentration Camp System Guards), SS-Einsatzgruppen (Task Force Killing Squads), Gestapo (Secret State Police), and most men of the Allgemeine-SS (General-SS). The men of the Waffen-SS are the uniformed soldiers who fought for Germany within the Wehrmacht. There only role was combat in the many theatres of the war. Some men did cross over between the roles within the SS, and we will make the distinction if they are soldiers or criminals. 
While others still might call us warmongering Germans, this we will defend nor deny since my Prussian Grandfathers were very militaristic. Yes, we do glorify their achievements and bravery in serving the Fatherland. 


If you have questions or concerns, you can write to us at Admin@historicalsocietyofgermanmilitaryhistory.com or you can use the Contact Us page on the website. 


Disclaimer-In no way does this website support Racism, Hate, Propaganda, or the National Socialist / Neo-Nazi Views. It does honor hard-working, loyal German Citizens that served their country, not the government of that time. While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information on the website, no liability is accepted for any consequences of using it. We use material from many sources and confirm the accuracy of the sources.


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