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This page features notable quotes from the history of Germany.


“God grant that this is the work of the Communists. You are witnessing the beginning of a great new epoch in German history. This fire is the beginning.”

– German Chancellor Adolf Hitler while speaking to a foreign correspondent as the Reichstag burned, 1933.

To every man of us, Tobruk was a symbol of British resistance, and we were now going to finish with it for good.”

– Field Marshal Erwin Rommel – June 1942



“Soldiers of the Reich! This day you are to take part in an offensive of such importance that the whole future of the war may depend on its outcome.”

– Adolf Hitler – July 5, 1943

“First they were too cowardly to take part. Now they are in a hurry so that they can share in the spoils.” 

– Adolf Hitler, about Mussolini declaring war on France and Great Britain.


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