Bérismenil Museum History 44 – Belgium

The Collection of History 44 consists in part from donations from local residents, such as a side gunner uniform, which was found in a house in Bérismenil.

There are also seen many soil and barn finds, including finds of the B17- The . Joker Furthermore: – A German 105mm Howitzer. – American mannequins, which are in display in a very natural way. – German panzer uniform of the 2nd Panzer Army soldier who fought in Hotton. – Weapons and personal belongings. – Belgian Kollaboratiemateriaal. – German propaganda. – 82nd Airborne equipment, including personal effects from Joe Cicchinelli. And much more!

The museum allows visitors to learn about three themes:
– The crash of a US B-17 bomber “the Joker” and the story of the fate of the crew
– the Battle of the Bulge,
– Belgian collaboration of the VNV and Rex.

The museum includes several American and German dioramas, focusing on the Ardennes offensive.
Museum History 1944 contains a beautiful collection of original items from WW2. Also found on the first floor of original stuff 551st PIB veteran Joe Cicchinelli, lent by Joe personally. Owner Mike Sadzo leads you gladly around in this small museum.

Bérisménil 35
6982 Bérisménil
La Roche en Ardenne, Belgium


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