The Wheatcroft Collection – Leicester, England, The United Kingdom

The Wheatcroft Collection.

The Wheatcroft Collection in the United Kingdom is one of the largest private collections of historical softskin and armored military vehicles in the world. It is located in Leicestershire, England which includes not just vehicles but many items from this the World War II era.

The collection has around 200 items, including more than 130 vehicles, of which 88 are tanks. The majority of the collection are German, American and British origin, with a smaller number of vehicles from, Japan, France, and Russia. The owner of the collection, Kevin Wheatcroft, has been collecting military vehicles for over 40 years.

The collection is perhaps notable for having a number of extremely valuable and rare Second World War-era German military vehicles, including three Panther tanks, one of which is close to full restoration, a StuG assault gun, a Panzer III, and a Panzer IV tank and various components from many other vehicles. The collection is also working on restoring the only surviving German E Boat.

Mr. Kevin Wheatcroft and his wife.


Kevin Wheatcroft, born in 1959, is a British businessman and motorsport entrepreneur. He is the owner of The Wheatcroft Collection, which is thought to be the largest private collection of military vehicles in the world.

Kevin Wheatcroft is one of seven children of the building contractor and motor-racing entrepreneur Tom Wheatcroft and his German wife Helena “Lenchen” Morgenstern. When his father died in 2009, Kevin inherited his entire estate.

Wheatcroft acquired his first item at age five, a bullet-marked SS storm trooper’s helmet, which he had asked his parents to give him for his birthday. At age 15, he bought three Second World War Jeeps with money given to him by his grandmother for his birthday. He restored them and sold them at a profit, using the money to buy more vehicles and a tank. Wheatcroft left school at the age of 16, working first for a Leicestershire engineering firm, before joining his father’s construction company.

Mr. Kevin Wheatcroft is someone we greatly admire at HSOGMH due to his tireless effort to honor the many men who fought on both sides of the war. His collection and restoration of vehicles honor an amazing era of history. All pieces in his collection are of historical significance regardless of the political background of the items.

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The Wheatcroft Collection.

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