November 26 in German History

The Heinkel 177. The German long-range bomber was under development for most of the war because of a demanding technical specification, including the capacity to dive bomb. By the time the issues had been resolved Germany was unable to build them in numbers.

Eastern Front Truce Signed

The new Russian revolutionary government abandons all war efforts in WWI. A truce will be signed on December 15.

Troopship Rohna sunk – over 1000 US troops lost

The worst troopship disaster to befall the U.S. happened on the 26th November 1943 when German planes made a concerted attack on a military convoy in the Mediterranean. A force of 30 He-177 planes, the much delayed German long-range bomber, released 60 glider bomb at the ships but only succeeded in making one strike [see comments below about the attack].

The single missile caused fatal damage to the Rohna but most of the casualties probably happened subsequently. Over 2,000 US troops were on board and 1,015 would be lost together with 123 crew from the Rohna. There was difficulty launching the lifeboats, and there were issues with the lifebelt in use at the time which did not include an automatic


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