Information and Facts of the Kingdom of Prussia / Informationen und Fakten des Königreichs Preußen

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Prussian Staff College

The Prussian Staff College, also Prussian War College (German: Preußische Kriegsakademie) was the highest military facility of the Kingdom of Prussia to educate, train, and develop general staff officers.

It originated with the Akademie für junge Offiziere der Infanterie und Kavallerie (English: Academy for Young Officers of the Infantry and Cavalry) in 1801, later becoming known as the Allgemeine Kriegsschule (English: General War-School). It was officially re-founded by Gerhard von Scharnhorst in Berlin on 15 October 15 1810 as one of three officer colleges. The building on Unter den Linden was designed by Karl Friedrich Schinkel.



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