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Intellectual Use Only & Honoring the German Soldat

Please contribute something intelligent to the pictures or the discussion in the form of comments. We have a no tolerance policy for negativity and attacking others on this website. While this happens in many other places on the internet, this is not tolerated here. 

Do Not:
  1. Racism (Trust me there is nothing special about your color).
  2. Bigotry – In any form from religion, racism, politics, etc. 
  3. No Foul or Unintelligent Comments.
  4. Tasteless Jokes – These men died and fought hard. 
  5. Nazism.
  6. Communism.
  7. Attacking Others Comments.
  8. Attacking the Material on the Page (Looking to Cause Issues). 
  9. Adding Links to this website without permission. 
  10. Correcting Our Materials – Yes we do make mistakes. Send us a message at the Contact Us page. 

You are DISHONORING the soldat who gave his all for the Fatherland and Germany during the struggles of wars throughout history. You also do dishonor to both of my great-grandfathers.

As for Everyone Else, Thank you for enjoying and being Fans of the Website and the Facebook Page!  🙂


If you wish to share your Correction on Pictures than email it to the page. We do not need a possible wrong answer/comments on the picture. Sometimes we mess up the information or our sources are incorrect.  For Know-It-Alls, People who Comment to Just be Right but do not comment any other way, and People who think they know everything. We do a heavy amount of research. This is for intellectual purposes. 

Colorized Pictures

We are describing pictures colorized by artists to change them from black in white to color. In the past, we have accepted pictures from people. One of our symbols will appear since the autosite marks them- ‘HSOGMH’.  After that, if any alterations have occurred to your picture then please contact us so we can discuss it to possibly remove the photo.


Most Pictures are donated to us. If your picture has been taken at an event and you do not want us to feature it then please let us know. We will remove it immediately. If you want your name or information added then let us know. Write  us at

Thank you for Enjoying


Disclaimer-In no way does this website support Racism, Hate, Propaganda, or the National Socialist / Neo-Nazi Views. It does honor hard-working, loyal German Citizens that served their country, not the government of that time. While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information on the website, no liability is accepted for any consequences of using it. We use material from many sources and confirm the accuracy of the sources.


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