Stop E-BAY from Censoring of Books and German World War II Collectibles


Hello All,

Recently we started selling items on E-bay that have been donated to the society. Unfortunately we found out quickly that items featuring swastikas, SS runes, or anything featuring Third Reich insignia on German Heer (Army), Kriegsmarine (Navy), and Luftwaffe (Airforce) items will not be allowed for selling or purchase. E-Bay states items of Hate are not allowed. The final line crossed was when E-Bay banned a book featuring historic photos between German and Soviet Armies in World War II. So we are starting this petition due to their current and lax policies. 

Many people enjoy history and in this enjoyment they collect items of history to learn, display, or just to collect. This is a fascination shared by many. Holding a piece of history is something many enjoy. On the flip side, this does not make these people Nazi’s, white supremacists, hated filled, or anti-semetic. Many of us had relatives that served in the wars of German History. This is to honor hard working, loyal citizens who served their country no matter the faults and evil’s of the government that had mislead them.

E-Bay used to allow the selling and purchase of such items then stopped due to complaints. Once again business is influenced by people who think we should all march the same line and be under another’s control for the supposed greater good. The market is awash with these items especially as the veterans leave the earth and pass the goods on to relatives who do not connect with history. Stores, antique dealers, flea markets, but one place is not allowed – E-Bay.

Another part of E-Bay’s polices is the lax control of the marketplace. You will find some items then others get banned or removed before the listing ends. E-Bay is being biased based on ‘ they can only control so much of millions on items’. Either be clear one way or the other.

The final line is BOOK BANNING. E-Bay listened to these complaints and banned Nazi Items. But books that do not support National Socialism directly are banned?

Here is the book that was banned: Images of War Series, Final Days of the Reich. This book features World War II photographs between the German and Soviet Armies. No support of Nazism in it.

Please support this petition. Once again Freedom is affected.

Thank you/Danke,


Ps. A note to E-Bay. If you are going to Ban Books. Is this not the same thing as burning books by the Nazi’s in the 1930’s? People cannot have FREEDOM to choose what they want to read AND make an opinion of there own based on what they read? CENSORSHIP. E-Bay and Nazism seem no Different.


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