We are proud to announce that the website for the Historical Society of German Military History is completely ready for everyone to visit!!

We did a lot of work to get this thing up and running. One of the big feats was moving all the information and photos/images to the website from the Facebook Page. We did move 3,333 images/pictures with captions.

Why did we do this?

Some of you are new or missed the information in the past. We did it for 3 reasons:

1. We had the website idea for a long time. We actually had a smaller one for just the Admins and Moderators here, and we did want to include the public in the future.
2. Facebook had its limitations. We are able to add so many more features plus more in the future.
3. THE MAIN REASON that triggered all this was because people have been reporting us to Facebook for using controversial images such as Hitler, SS, Swastika’s, etc. While we are not Nazi’s, but just love German history we had to do something. Facebook threatened our personal accounts and to delete them plus the page. We cannot tell half the history so we choose the website.
What is different for the Facebook Page?

1. If you are just a fan of looking at pictures on Facebook then the page will be for you. We will still add some pictures.
2. There will be no more Albums with full descriptions of Panzers, Battles, People, etc. They will be all jumbled in one album called ‘History in Pictures’. We decided that we can’t tell HALF the history and cannot dedicate the time to the page as we did now with a website.
3. All the albums have been deleted except a few till their story is done.
4. We will add News Stories of History, but the link will be to the website.



1. Has all the pictures/images the page used to have plus full descriptions and the controversial images some want to see such as Hitler, SS, and other items.
2. They are now called Pages instead of Albums.
3. Anyone can visit the Site.
4. There are 2 ways to Join. You can sign up with just your email and will get updates, but you will not be able to comment on pictures. OR you can join with a Username and Password then you can comment.
5. Commenting is controlled by Administration, but once you make the first comment is approved then you’re allowed anytime. Remember the Rules.
6. There will be an Online Store in the Future.
7. There is a For Sale: Area for people who want to sell their collectables or models, guns, medals, etc.
8. There is an Online Chat Room for members to enjoy conversation.
9. Ways to Contact Us.
10. And of course we will be Updating with Pictures and Stories.

Remember the Website is Done, but it is at the point we stopped after Facebook threatened us. So there are 1000’s of pictures to go and so much more for us to add to this. We are Never Done Updating!!!!

I hope you enjoy this and subscribe.

Thank you,

B. von Richter, Admin.

Ps. We will be sending out another Note on the features and how to use the website.


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